We cooperate to accumulate.

The can-do spirit of this community is perhaps best expressed through the projects we’ve helped develop and launch from the ground up. Through our dedicated funding and ongoing support, we’re constantly creating new opportunities for both individual and business investors to back exciting ventures with real, positive impact.

Connecting communities to the things they love

The opportunity to reach products and places at affordable prices is what keeps life moving for many of us – but is still not accessible for others. Blue Bird Airways is bridging that gap.

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Making property investment enterprising for all

The housing market has changed forever. At Blue Bird Nest, we’re helping hardworking people to seize their opportunity to enter this space, by empowering financial independence through better asset management.

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Building the future of tourist real estate

Travel empowers us to discover new people, places and experiences all while keeping the world’s economy moving. Canari is the real estate venture making sure that doesn’t come at a cost for the planet.

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