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HR consulting

Your people are your most valuable asset. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you. That’s why we believe businesses of every size should invest in their HR Department – and we’ve got the experts to help you with:

Communicating your mission, policies, values and rules to energize and unite your workforce.

  • Tax Services

    From innovative ideas to complex problem solving - we’re here to act as an advocate of your rights as a taxpayer. Working with our experts, you’ll make tax preparation, planning, filing and financial management work harder for your business. This is a partnership built on integrity – one where our professional team take time to listen to your views to help you make more informed decisions. It’s your goals that guide us.

  • Wealth Coaching

    It’s time to invest in your future. If you need help understanding money, improving financial behaviors or achieving your long-term goals, our coaches can educate and inspire you to take control. Individual or business: get equipped with the practical skills and simple solutions to make your confidence fly.

  • Investments & Acquisitions

    We’re here to empower you to make money the best way we know how. Through simplified options, in meaningful markets, we can help you to grow your money whilst spreading positive change in the world.

  • Start-up coaching

    Paperwork and lack of experience should never become barriers to entrepreneurialism. If you need help setting up, Blue Bird can advise you in an easy-to-understand, cost effective way – from registering and structuring your organization to applying tools to encourage business growth.

  • Outsource CFO

    We have the experience if you don’t. When your budget doesn’t allow for full-time hires, our experts can help fill those important gaps while your business grows – with monthly, hourly and bespoke retainer packages. Just tell us what support you need.

  • Business Funding

    When you’ve extended your business as far as you can, our funding options can take you further. With unique benefits, flexible financing, and expert advice to navigate your choices, we’ll galvanize your venture for a future of growth.
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  • Bookkeeping services

    Track your performance today, so you can plan for tomorrow. Presenting every aspect of organizational health, our bookkeeping services help you keep control of your business and map out your future growth.

  • Credit counseling

    Debt can be managed, and we’ll show you how. From simplifying repayment processes to negotiating lowered interest rates and reduced payments with your creditors, our flexible packages will save you money and ease pressure on your business.

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