Building the future of tourist real estate

Travel empowers us to discover new people, places and experiences all while keeping the world’s economy moving. Canari is the real estate venture making sure that doesn’t come at a cost for the planet.

We’re investing in the building of fully sustainable and highly highly desirable accommodation around the world. By creating community-style complexes in stunning locations, Canari delivers high-quality accommodation that combines the consistency of hotel service, with the uniqueness of an individualized experience. But it’s how we’re doing it that’s most exciting.

With this larger-scale real estate investment, every Canari stay is built to be entirely sustainable. Solar powered, energy-efficient and completely carbon-free – the experiences and jobs this project creates brings more than fair-priced getaways. We’re building for a better world.

While still in development, we’re securing sites that already take this venture global. Want to find out more about Canari investment opportunities? Get in touch.

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