Making the world a fairer and more entertaining place

As the world’s craving for constant original content increases, it seems only fair that creators should see more than just their fanbases grow. Berri is the platform to make that change.

With Berri, we’ve identified an opportunity to disrupt the entire entertainment industry. Much more than another social media channel, we’ve started a movement that cancels the ads, ghosts the algorithms and lets fans discover original artists to invest in.

The idea is simple: buy a bunch of Berri tokens and use them to support the creators you discover. Back an artist, and you empower them to keep creating. For users, that means even better content, as well as enjoying access to a community that gets you closer to the artists, curators and personalities you love (all while everyone gets paid fairly.)

With the evolution of content and rise of NFTs, we’re excited to see where this venture could take us. Want to find out more about Berri’s investment opportunities? Get in touch.

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